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     Peace of mind is of the utmost importance when choosing your childís educational needs. We, at the Highlands School, are able to offer you that peace of mind through our quality educational programs and wonderful teachers.

   Highlands Schoolís curriculum is Creative Curriculum and Scholasticís Building Language for Literacy Program. Our curriculum is theme based and focuses on language and literacy awareness and development, allowing for each child to progress at his or her own pace. Part of our goal for this teaching method is to make certain proficiency is gained in each area of development.  Our curriculum is not only fitted for group needs but is geared to accommodate each childís individual needs. The educational experience that your child will receive at Highlands School surpasses any other by giving your child the building blocks to a successful life.
     Highlands School requires a higher level of commitment from all staff members. Our staffing process begins with a rigid screening process that ensures only the highest qualified persons are considered for any position which is available. The state requires each teacher to receive 10 hours of approved training each year. Here at Highlands School our teachers receive a minimum of 16 training hours per year to greater enhance their skills in educating your child. Additionally, each staff member is trained in First Aid and CPR. Further, each staff member is provided with hands on supervision and support . This not only enhances each staff members potential but also ensures your childís guaranteed educational experience.   At Highlands School, we also maintain lower child to teacher ratios than what is required by the state . This allows more one-on-one interaction between the teachers and students as well as providing better supervision for the children.


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